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2023 Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack

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Tasting Notes: This Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing and vibrant wine that pleases the pallet with its tropical and citrus aromas. On the nose, it entices with notes of fresh pineapple, passionfruit, and lemon zest. On the palate, this Sauvignon Blanc unveils its bone-dry nature and bright acidity, offering a clean and invigorating mouthfeel. Layered with flavours of delicious tropical fruits, including pineapple and star fruit, which take centre stage and offer a burst of juicy fruitiness. This wine ends with a long mineral finish, leaving a crisp and refreshing impression.

Food pairing: To enhance the flavour profile of this Sauvignon Blanc, consider a cold pork tenderloin salad with a tangy citrus vinaigrette. The lean and tender pork complements the wine's bright acidity and tropical fruit flavours. The tangy citrus vinaigrette enhances the aromatic bouquet of the wine, while the cold salad adds a refreshing element that complements the wine's lively nature.

Wine Specs:
Appellation: Niagara Peninsula

Alcohol: 12.0%

Residual Sugar: 3.0g/l

2023 Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack